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Smile Makeovers
Anchorage, AK

There are many reasons for a smile makeover. From concerns about uneven or yellow teeth to trauma, patients are always asking us about how to improve the way their smiles look. Nicholas W. Feldman, DDS, MBA offers our patients who are interested in changing the look of their smiles several options.

According to researchers, a beautiful smile projects financial status and oral hygiene to others. The first thing people notice about you is your smile, and most people report feeling comfortable around someone who smiles openly. Having a smile that is less than perfect is a big concern for many of our patients.

Why I May Need a Smile Makeover

There are many reasons why our patients want to fix their smiles. Some have discolored teeth due to wear, bad habits, and age, and others have cracked teeth or gaps between their teeth. Whatever the reason, the most common question we get from our patients, is, how can I improve the way my smile looks?

Americans spend millions of dollars every year on teeth whitening products, from different kinds of toothpaste that promise to make your teeth whiter to whitening treatments that they can use in the comfort of their own homes. Teeth discoloring is one of the primary causes for concern about people's smiles. Other reasons why people want to have a smile makeover are:
•  Cracked or chipped teeth
•  Uneven tooth length
•  Gummy smiles
•  Discolored or stained teeth
•  Crooked teeth
•  Missing teeth
•  Tooth decay
•  Receding gums

Smile Makeovers Options

We have a wide variety of treatment options for patients who want a smile makeover. Some are more complex than others, and we can even complete some in one day.
•  Bonding —is a thin layer made with a natural tooth-colored resin that is placed over a tooth to cover small imperfections such as minor chips, stains, and space between the teeth. We don't consider this procedure a permanent solution.
•  Dental Implants —are teeth replacement appliances for patients who have some or all missing teeth or those with severe tooth decay. In this procedure, a titanium rod, which will hold a permanent crown is placed in the jawbone. Implants are becoming increasingly popular with our patients.
•  Gum Lift —our surgeon uses a laser to carefully remove excess gum tissue and expose more of the natural tooth.
•  Teeth contouring—we smooth your teeth to make them look even and more symmetrical. This procedure is ideal for patients with sharp or jagged-looking teeth.
•  Veneers —are thin porcelain layers that are permanently bonded to your teeth.

If you are happy with your smile, you won’t have to consider a smile makeover, but those patients who have concerns about how they appear to others may want to discuss this option with us. We will explain how long your treatment will take and how much it will cost. Insurance companies usually don’t cover cosmetic surgery unless it’s necessary for a patient’s health and well-being, so make sure to check your plan and coverage.

Patients who have lost teeth due to poor oral hygiene must change their oral hygiene habits to take care of their new smile, so it lasts for many years.

Please give Nicholas W. Feldman, DDS, MBA a call at (907) 802-4519 for more information about smile makeovers.
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